Soothing Oil Free Moisturizer - Shire Skincare

Soothing Oil Free Moisturizer - Shire Skincare

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Need a moisturizer for clearer, naturally balanced skin? This is the oil free acne moisturizer that actually, really, finally works for oily skin.

Goes on shine-free and matte, never leaves skin with that greasy feeling. Skin can be oily and dehydrated at the same time. Our oil-free moisturizer will give oily, blemish prone skin a hydrated, healthy glow!

 Instantly hydrates and weightlessly moisturizes oily skin.

 Soothes and cools down irritation from breakouts so you can heal.

No added oils means this cream can be used anytime you need invisible healing hydration.


  • Electrolyte support for parched skin
  • Repairs skin’s natural acid barrier with natural botanical extracts
  • Calms inflammation and evens skin tone
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal botanicals prevent clogged pores and itchy patches
  • Keeps skin healthy, conditioned and toned


  • Supports dry, flaky skin with a high dose of repairing ingredients like B-vitamins
  • Supports oily skin with light-weight breakout-free moisturizers
  • Supports combination skin with balancing electrolytes and essential nutrients

Natural plant based skincare for sensitive skin folks. Shire Skincare is dedicated to using only earth-friendly ingredients and recyclable packaging.