Stress Reduction Daily Moisturizer - Shire Skincare

Stress Reduction Daily Moisturizer - Shire Skincare

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Shire Skincare's Stress Reduction Daily Moisturizer is packed with ceramides, collagen and adaptogens – giving your skin exactly what it needs to thrive.

Adaptogenic botanicals are clinically proven to reduce daily stress – so we blended two power ingredients in our daily moisturizer. It firms skin and strengthens elasticity, giving you that healthy plump glow!

Ginger and Ginseng are legendary for their anti-aging properties while gently balancing and renewing skin tone.

 Once applied, it continues to protect skin from pollutants and the stress of everyday life!

Wheat protein is a natural source of ceramides, which prevent skin from becoming overly dry or too oily.


  • Reduce external stress with legendary adaptogens ginger and ginseng
  • Strengthens skin’s microbiome with vital ceramides and enzymes from wheat
  • Smoothing and anti-aging effects from powerful antioxidants
  • Deeply hydrates skin for a youthful, even complexion at any age


  • Supports dry skin with skin-identical moisturizers that have a unique fatty acid composition
  • Supports oily skin with sebum regulating antioxidants
  • Supports combination skin with healing and balancing compounds

Natural plant based skincare for sensitive skin folks. Shire Skincare is dedicated to using only earth-friendly ingredients and recyclable packaging.